Fall is Coming…My favorite time of year!

Summer has been hot! Temperature that is, fishing has been hit or miss unfortunately. But fall is quickly approaching and it is by far my favorite time of year. Fishing is usually spectacular.  On another note while this heat is cranked up on HIGH, I have been fishing night trips to beat the heat. They have been a blast! So if you’re looking to get away from the sun, catch fish and have a great time….try a night trip!

Give us a call and let’s bend some rods.

Capt. Jesse


Summer fishing patterns have finally arrived and it is warmly welcomed!

Judy Lange fought like a heavyweight champ and landed this huge Snook on light tackle!

Judy Lange fought like a heavyweight champ and landed this huge Snook on light tackle!

Big Tarpon, Snook, Permit, Pompano Redfish and more are in full swing and hungry. There is nothing better than targeting these fish on light tackle on a steamy summer morning in the Ten Thousand Islands. Today was no exception. Judy Lange fought over ten minutes to land this gorgeous trophy Snook today and as a guide there is nothing more satisfying than watching my client conquer and huge and rare fish like this. It’s been a long time since the big Snook kill in January 2010, but their slow growth and 80% kill rate has made it a slow return. Fish like this in the 30lb range are far and few between and I am so happy to see a big healthy female like this one thriving in our waters. Come book a trip with us and have a day to remember forever.

See you soon – Capt. Jesse Karen. May 25, 2014

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Winter is gone and spring fishing is in full force! Delicious and hard fighting black drum are biting in great numbers in the back waters, passes and shallow flats on the outside points. Redfish are starting to show up in more predictable patterns and as always trout, ladyfish, jack, pompano, snapper and grouper all are making appearances. Tarpon fishing has been stronger this year than last. Yesterday we jumped 4 and landed 1 boat side exceeding 150lbs! Offshore has been good except the high winds we have had in the last few weeks have made it difficult to get out. Our last trip out we landed a goliath grouper over 380 pounds!! So book today and let’s plan your trip of a lifetime!

Capt. Jesse Karen 4/13/14

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The first fall cool front is moving thru tonight (11/13/13) and with it good things are sure to come. The last 3 months has been the finest fishing I have experienced in the last 13 years. While the Snook population is slowly recovering, the Redfish bite is unlike anything I have ever seen. In the past I would not have considered Marco and the 10,000 Island’s a first class red drum fishery….but now it is. Fish from 20 to over 30 inches and upwards of 20 pounds have been common place. Double digit days are frequent and when the tide is right fishing is downright easy. What a nice and welcomed change. I hope this is the future of things to come and STAY! Book today and experience the finest fishing our area has to offer. Special’s, sales and offer’s are available so don’t delay and strike while the iron is HOT!
Capt. Jesse
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So summer came in slowly with the Gulf temps slow to reach their normal temps of 87 to 90 degrees. And fishing was a little more difficult in a normally easy season. Once August arrived the fish were feeding with a vengeance. Offshore Grouper and Snapper were close in and easy to catch while inshore the Snapper were bigger then we have seen in years. Redfish, snook, flounder and black drum were all readily caught along with a finicky Tarpon here and there. September first Snook season opened on the west coast of Florida for the first time in 3 and half years. Three winters ago we had a major cold spell that killed 40 to 70 percent of the state’s Snook population. They are slow to grow but we have seen an improvement in there numbers and catch’s are near double digits. I expect fishing to remain strong into November barring any long lasting cold spells. So Naples and Marco Island. Let’s hit the Everglades or the 10,000 Islands and get on that strong bite we have in place.  Book now and experience our finest bite of the year.
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Redfish are biting well

Redfish are eating like mad. Double digits most inshore trips.








Shark’s are back and Tarpon are moving north. Most of the keeper Sea Trout have moved just offshore and the Redfish and Black Drum bite is strong. The second half of the rising tide is producing the best results and the weather is great. Come make some great fishing memories this Spring!

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Sorry for missing 6 weeks of reports but we are in full season and have been slammed! February and March have had some crazy weather. Hot, cold, hot, cold and windy. Although the water is crystal clear most days the fluctuating tempatures have created some confused fish. We have had to work hard to produce good fishing and most days it has paid off. As of today the water is in the high 60’s but I expect by weeks end to be in the 70’s amd stay there. That should trigger the migration of Tarpon, Cobia and King Mackerel. We have some upcoming offshore trips so stand by for an update!

The best fishing of the year (spring) is about to come upon us so book now and don’t miss out on this exciting time of year!

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Here we are closing out the last week of January. Lots of fish, but they shrunk this week. We have caught some quality redfish, snook and trout but we have had to work really hard for them. The highlight of this report is TRIPLETail. Tripletail is a nearshore sight fishing experience with light tackle shrimp or artificials. You can actually watch your fish eat your bait. It’s very exciting.

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Well we are through the first week of 2013 and it is hot. Tempature hot…everyday has been in the mid to upper 80’s . We have to find winter fish with early summer temps. Lots of hunting around has paid off. When we find the fish we are experiencing 40 to 50 fish days. not too many big fish but plenty of keepers.Redfish, trout, whiting, snapper, pompano and more have been making for great days.

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It seems like as of today we are finally coming out of two bad weeks of fishing. We had a toxic algae bloom known as “red tide” infiltrate the area. It killed fish and grasses and made the fishing very poor this last two weeks. Thankfully the last two days the water seems to have cleared up nicely and the fish are biting strong again. With great speckled trout fishing upon us the pompano and redfish have picked up too and made for some really great fishing trips. So book again with confidence and let’s go catch some fish!

Here is an email we recv’d today from Joe W. of San Francisco California. He and his family went out yesterday:


Capt. Jesse,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our trip down the everglades on your boat the highlight of our thanksgiving week in Florida. It was unreal and your patience, guidance, and knowledge was greatly appreciated by all that attended. We look forward to many more trips with you! Thanks again.





The weather is amazing. Low 80’s day and mid 60’s night with low humidity make for our favorite time of year. This week we fished half the week around Marco Island and the the other half fishing inside Everglades National Park. It didn’t seem to matter, fishing is great! We are still catching small Snook in the bushes and some bigger Snook offshore but the highlight is definately Redfish. We have had 30 REDFISH days with fish in the 1 to 7 pound range inshore and some rare monsters showing up offshore. Trout, redfish, snook, flounder, snapper and pompano are all typical catches. Come joi us and don’t miss out on this amazing weather!

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November 11, 2012


It’s Official with the passing of Hurricane Sandy, a long week of high winds and cold nights has thrust our fishing into a winter pattern. Goodbye Sharks, we will see you in the Spring when you migrate back to us. Hello Trout and Redfish! Marco Island fishing charter’s have been amazing catching Sea Trout and Redfish. Double digit fishing trips have made this fall season a blast. Book your Charter Fishing Trip in Naples, Marco Island or the Everglades and come experience our favorite time of the year to fish. The weather is perfect and the fish are plentifull!

October 31, 2012
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Wow, what a difference a month makes! Fishing Marco Island has been hot. Most of our trips have been focused on Offshore Fishing on the nearshore reefs and fishing the mangrove islands in the backcountry. Shark fishing has been great during the high incoming tides, multiple species of sharks from 3 to 8 feet are being landed when the tide is right. Inshore the Redfish fishing is on fire. It seems that same high tide is best for the redfish and snook. Since the water is still in the 80’s there are still a lot of fish on the outside Island’s and beaches. Book you trip this fall for a great fishing adventure!

October 5, 2012
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Summer is winding down and Hurricane Issac just passed last week. The fishing charters here in Marco Island Florida and Fishing Guides Trips in Naples Florida has been very hard with the water so dirty and so much much fresh water lowering the saline content and chasing many of the species offshore. Today things are seeming to normalize and signs are looking up. Shark fishing improved today and yesterday The Redfish fishing Charter was very successful. The Snook fishing trips have been marginal although many big Snook were caught this summer.

September 4, 2012
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Well the summer has been hot! Fishing and temperature’s are boiling. As summer winds down we have been catching good number of sharks from 1 to 6 feet within a mile from shore. Decent number of Snapper and Flounder in the back waters and still a fair number of Snook on the outside islands of the Everglades. Marco Island has been holding good schools of baitfish despite all the rain and the fishing success has remained steady. Soon the night temperatures will drop and we should start seeing increased numbers of Speckled Trout and redfish. Finally, the creek tarpon are in full swing deep in the back country. Call to book your adventure today!



Just a quick supplement to Spring Fishing Report. Lot’s of small and medium size Snook have been coming out to play when the winds allow us to catch good sized baitfish. Tarpon action has been spotty but the shark fishing and GIANT GOLIATH GROUPER up to 400 pounds have been biting steady Near Offshore. Are you tough enough to catch a fish twice your size?

Fishing south of Marco Island in the 10,000 Islands has been great this spring when the wind lays down. We have been jumping big Spinner Sharks, catching nice sea trout and have seen a fair number of redfish and snook. The key is the wind….the winds have been tuff this spring. Call us and lets go get that trophy, now is the time,

Capt. Ed


February was tuff fishing. While we did have some good days it was unusally warm and the winter fish patterns never materialized. Looking forward to spring fishing. Tripletail, Tarpon, Redfish and Snook should start biting soon

Capt. Gregg


January is off to slower start then normal, the warm sun is still keeping winter away and we have to use all our tricks to find the fish. Lots of Trout and Sheepshead and plenty of redfish are still coming aboard. Let’s fish Marco Island or Naples today!

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December fishing in Marco Island and fishing in Naples, Florida was fantastic. Unseasonably warm weather had the fish biting on overdrive. Lots of Redfish! Call us to go fishing now.

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October was off to a great start with double digit Redfish days. The past 10 days we have had extreme winds and lots of rain. Very little fishing for us but the remainder of the month is booked up and we will be hitting it hard. Stay tuned for an updated report soon!

Thank You – Capt. Eric.



August 26 and today I fished with the Florida Outdoor Writer’s Association. 10 guide boats and 30 anglers left from Port of the Islands this morning. With Jerry McBride from DOA Lures on board we decided to only fish DOA lures. We caught 4 Reds, 1 Snook and 10 Trout. Many snapper, ladyfish and other species filled in the gaps for a fun day of fishing.

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August is off to a hot start both in tempature and fishing. I have been focused on Red Grouper and Lane Snapper about 9 miles offshore Marco Island and can report some great catches. A little closer to shore we have had easy success with sharks and goliath groupers which is challenging for anyone looking for BIG FISH! Capt. Jesse has been fishing south in Everglades National Park and on days with a higher tides in the morning he has been racking up double digit numbers of keeper REDFISH! All in all it’s very exciting.

Tight Lines

Capt. Eric


Spring is upon us and fishing is in full swing. 50 fish days are not uncommon. Lots of redfish and snapper are being caught along with black drum and Tarpon. The Snook bite is a bit slow but we are catching them.

Offshore trips have been good when the weather allows us to ge out there. Lots of red grouper and smoker kings about 9 miles out of marco.

Tight Lines

Capt. Eric



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